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Our Service Experience

Center for Spiritual Living Simi  Valley has two regularly scheduled services each week –  one at 10:30 on Sunday morning, and another at 7:00 on Wednesday evenings.

20 minutes Guided Meditation led by a Practitioner in the Sanctuary

Inspirational talk, Music w/Guest Soloist, Prayer, Short Meditation 70 minutes

“Kosmic Kids” Age-appropriate lesson on applying Science of Mind principles to a youngster’s life. 60 minutes
Spiritual Experience (various guest presenters, check calendar) Sanctuary (check calendar for Zoom availability)

Sunday Service

Sunday morning features an easy going, inspiring, music-filled service.  Rev. Stephen’s deep-hearted spiritual lesson, poignant storytelling, and community engaging way will lift you out of challenging times and anchor you in all you for which you have to be grateful.  We have a team of licensed Practitioners holding sacred space of all in attendance. Our music director, Cherie Deeds calls on a team of award-winning artists from coast to coast.  And the Soul Purpose Band, one of the premiere all-volunteer bands in all of CSL, wraps the morning in sublime harmonies.

Wednesday Evening

Midweek features our Wednesday Evening Experience. Experience it is! Each week offers a different and unique way to connect with and celebrate the divine. The Wednesday Experience has included discussion of spiritual topics; group activities, like drum circles and guided meditations; poetry exploration; and community arts sharing. Check our calendar or sign up for the weekly update for the schedule of activities.

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Submit a Prayer Request

Consciousness on Demand: The Center for Spiritual Living, Simi Valley Online Prayer Requests. Welcome to a new way to ask for spiritual support: prayer requests offered online. Your request is sent to the licensed practitioner on duty, who will know the truth for you and with you. Know that your request and your personal information are kept entirely confidential, and that the moment you decide to seek a greater experience is when the healing begins! Simply enter your request below, filling out the entire form so we may forward your request properly. It is our intention to offer the best in spiritual support to the world. If You Prefer… If you would rather seek prayer work from a practitioner in person, or by telephone, please visit our Practitioners Page on this site. Should you need to contact us by phone, our phone number is (805) 527-0870. To submit your request, please fill out the form and click the Send button. Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

Know that the moment you seek a better experience, the healing has already begun. Together, we’re awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence!

Are You A Musical Artist?

Simi Valley Center for Spiritual Living’s Music Ministry provides positive, contemporary live music, with selections ranging from standard music to popular new thought artist favorites, meditative chants and gongs, as wwell as original music to inspire our congregants.

If you feel this “fits” your music style, you are invited to complete our Guest Artist Submission Form below.  A music ministry representative will contact you after receipt of your submission.

Thank you for your interest in Simi Valley Center for Spiritual Living!