FazeOne Design was approached by Holy MatriMoney with a clear goal in mind: to create a powerful and unique brand identity that would help them stand out in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market. Through our rigorous strategic process and creative expertise, we were able to deliver a comprehensive brand identity that truly captures the essence of Holy MatriMoney and sets it apart from the crowd.

The visual identity had to strike a fine balance; needing to demonstrate contemporary aspects as the business evolved, whilst not losing the tradition & modern feel associated with finances. It was a delicate balance, but the result is a visual identity that truly captures the essence of the company.

We took great care in designing the logo icon to reflect their values and expertise. Our simplistic approach incorporates symbolic representations, such as a light bulb symbolizing wisdom, and an incomplete stock market symbol conveying their knowledge and expertise as financial advisors.

Logo Design Branding

We were delighted to be selected to complete a wide range of project deliverables including the development of bespoke letterhead designs, a comprehensive branding guide, eye-catching business cards, exciting and engaging email newsletter templates, as well as visually stunning social media templates, and other bespoke marketing material.

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