After conducting extensive market research and analysis, the professionals at Swelling Dr. realized that a strategic repositioning and rebranding effort was necessary to expand their scope of services within the therapeutic industry, thus fulfilling the increasing demands of their diverse client base.

The visual identity was thoughtfully crafted to embody Swelling Dr. as a preeminent, cutting-edge, and visionary lymphedema therapist, all while preserving the fundamental values of excellence, dependability, and integrity.

The carefully curated brand colour palette has been specifically designed to effectively communicate trust, calmness, and peace to their valued clientele.

Although fundamentally consistent throughout, imagery included a tiered library to offer flexibility depending on what was being communicated.

The new Swelling Dr. website needed to communicate an important but complex narrative, therefore design & UX had to be carefully considered to ensure key messages were conveyed in a clear & structured way. The website needed to capture the attention of visitors right from the start and engage them throughout their journey on the site. As such, every design element and user interface was thoughtfully designed to seamlessly guide users through the content and ultimately achieve the website’s communication goals.

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